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World Oil features Rheonics’ New approaches to inline fluid density and viscosity measurements


Oil industry industry focused magazine – WorldOil publishes a feature article covering the Rheonics’ New approaches to inline fluid density and viscosity measurements. The article discusses the technology and working principles with a special focus on formation fluid evaluation, and the utility of Rheonics inline density-viscosity measurement devices in inferring the rheological properties.

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In this article, the authors explore both the necessity for inline viscosity and density measurements, as well as  describing several new products that enable inline measurements in some of the industry’s most challenging environments. Laboratory instruments have only limited application for measuring fluid properties under reservoir conditions. Very high pressures and temperatures, shock and vibration, limited availability of power, and severe space constraints.

Despite the importance of density and viscosity, they are notoriously difficult to measure under the extreme conditions found in the oil and gas industry. Resonant fluid property sensors are pushing back the limits of measurements thought to be possible only with laboratory-grade instruments.

Application Note

To explore more, please read the application note on PVT study in HPHT conditions using Rheonics instruments.

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