Sunil Kumar CEO

Sunil Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Sunil has extensive experience in the sensors and energy sector, having worked in a variety of roles in engineering and research in his early career. Most recently Sunil worked at Baker Hughes where he lead global engineering for drilling Services. Sunil founded companies in US and UK that successfully commercialized innovative products. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London, a MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of California and a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He is a prolific inventor with over 25 patents and multiple peer reviewed papers.

Sunil's vision of creating sensors for fluid property measurement that revolutionizes in-line process monitoring, control and optimization serves as the charter for rheonics. He holds overall responsibility for the business performance including the strategic direction and culture of the company.

Joe Goodbread CTO

Joe Goodbread

Chief Technology Officer

Joe is the founding member of the team that developed Rheonics' core technologies over the past 30 years. He established and directed the Experimental Mechanics Laboratory at the Institute for Mechanics. ETH Zurich. He has developed substantial IP in the field of fluid properties sensors with 5 granted patents and over 12 pending. He has a BSE in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Science from Princeton University, a MS in Biomechanics from Stanford Universtiy, and a Dr. Techn. Sc. from the ETH Zurich in Biomechanics. Joe is also a trained psychotherapist and a founder of the Institute of Process Work. He has published several books on the topic.

Joe's extensive research and engineering skills form the technical core of the rheonics' products and services. His passion for innovation and tackling impossible challenges has created industry leading products.

Klaus Haeusler Head, Engineering

Klaus Haeusler

Head of Engineering & Production

Klaus heads engineering and has overall responsibility for sensor production at Rheonics. An inventor of multiple fluid sensing devices for both newtonian and non-newtonian fluids, Klaus has over 35 years of experience developing sensors for process and biological applications. He has invented viscosity and density solutions for applications ranging from DNA PCR to food processes that form the basis for his multiple patents and papers published in international peer reviewed journals.

Klaus started his career in the watch industry and oversaw the quality control at Rolex in Biel, Switzerland subsequently moving to IBM in USA working on the next generation computing. He has a diploma in Watch engineering from Technikum Biel, a Diploma in Micro-Mechanical Engineering from University of Neuchatel followed by a in Viscoelasticity from Institute of Mechanics at ETH Zurich. His passion for simple design and robust engineering forms the basis for rheonics products

Bill Befeld, Director - Business Development

Bill Befeld

Director of Business Development

Bill has over thirty years’ experience in international technology and business development revolving around oilfield exploration, production and geosciences. He holds five significant international patents in the field of electrical and autonomous controls for downhole, high temperature / high pressure sensors and has developed and marketed software data management and interpretation systems used by oilfield service provides and major oil companies around the world. His knowledge of the oilfield sector as well as his experience in global product development and international business practice gives Rheonics a strong anchor in Houston’s Refining, Energy and Processing markets.

Bernhard Zybach Head, Electronics

Bernhard Zybach

Head of Electronics & Operations

Bernhard lives by a simple rule, a promise to a customer is written in stone - and rheonics does not rest till we have exceeded customer expectation. He leads the electronics system development at Rheonics that forms the backbone of all our sensor products. He brings to rheonics over 25 years of experience in consumer, industrial and high temperature electronics.

Bernhard has a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from TU Burgdorf and a post diploma in Software Engineering from TU Rapperswil. He has worked extensively on embedded system hardware and real-time embedded software that have gone into products sold in the hundreds of thousands. Prior to rheonics, he lead electronics & software project teams at Ascom, Electrobit and Brütsch Electronik. His strong sense of responsibility and problem solving capability makes rheonics a reliable partner for customers.

Ian Roberts CTO Buhler

Ian Roberts

CTO, Bühler Group

Ian is the CTO of Bühler Group, a 2+ Billion CHF turn over company providing processing solutions to a broad range of industry sectors. He is also a board member of Partners in Food Solution, and sits on the Industry Advisory Board of World Food System Centre at ETHZ and Health & Nutrition centre at EPFL. Prior to Bühler, he held a number of Innovation Leadership and Business Strategy roles at Nestle. He is passionate about new technology and startups, devoting his time to mentoring entrepreneurs through Bühler Innovation Challenge and judging Mass Challenge competition.

Ian holds a PhD in Rheometry and a Masters and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. He brings to rheonics deep experience in operations, technology, business strategy and innovation leadership.

Ernst Lutz CTO Sulzer

Dr. Ernst Lutz

CTO, Sulzer

Ernst completed his studies with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich and a PhD from Virginia Tech in the area of Mechanics of Composite Materials. He started his career as design engineer at the Alusuisse Research Center in Switzerland in 1995. Later on he took over various global management positions in Innovation and Technology Management within Alcan and RioTinto, which led him across the world, with stations in Japan, China, Canada and Europe. In 2011 he returned to Switzerland to join Sulzer as CTO.

Ernst has extensive experience in managing R&D, innovation and startups within a global setup and holds a visiting Professorship at Shanghai JiaoTong University for Technology Management.

Prof. Jürg Dual, ETHZ

Prof. Dr. Jürg Dual

Professor at the Institute of Mechanical Systems, ETH Zürich

Prof. Dual has been Full Professor of Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics in the Center of Mechanics of the Institute of Mechanical Systems at the ETH in Zurich since 1998. He was President of the Planning Commission of ETH Zurich (2000-2004) of the University Assembly (2008-2012) of ETH Zurich.

Jürg studied mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich. He then spent two years on a Fulbright grant at the University of California in Berkeley, where he graduated with a M.S. and a M. Eng. degree in mechanical engineering followed by a Dr. sc. techn. degree at the ETH Zurich. He is a Fellow of the ASME, member of the SATW (Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences) and Honorary Member of the German Association for Materials Research and Testing. Jürg is a co-founder of Rheonics and inventor of multiple technology in Rheonics products. He has published extensively on viscometry and chaired work groups & conferences.

Quoting Jürg "I am proud to have helped in setting up this startup company and thereby hope that our viscometry research results will bear fruit for industry in the most challenging environments."

Stefan Dobrev Nestle

Stefan Dobrev

Head of Innovation Portfolio Management at Nestle

Stefan is Head of Innovation Portfolio Management at Nestlé. An economist by background with close to 20 years’ experience in strategy development, investment planning and venture finance from senior roles in consulting, innovation and operations, he focuses on business performance enabled by advances in science and technology.

Stefan believes that “Rheonics offering is based on a unique combination of technological insights gained over decades. This conveys it a distinctive advantage in the marketplace – the foundation for most great businesses.”

George Bou-Habib CEO MMSX

Dr. George Bou-Habib

CEO of MMS Membrane Systems AG

George is CEO of MMS Membrane Systems, an engineering company with core competency in developing, designing and constructing cross-flow membrane systems for the food, pharma and chemical industries.

His take on Rheonics “Exciting company with a great product. All engineering processes require dependable analytics to enable their correct operation and optimization. A reliable and robust sensor to measure viscosity and density is not currently available on the market. Rheonics have a solution for this.”

Prof. Mahir Sayir, ETHZ

Prof.Dr. Mahir Sayir

Professor Emeritus since 2005, ETH Zurich

Prof. Sayir was Full Professor of Mechanics and head of the Center for Mechanics at ETH Zurich beginning in October,1976. He retired end of March 2005. He obtained his PhD from the ETH under Prof. Ziegler and was elected assistant professor of mechanics in 1969 and to full Professor in 1976. This was also the year he began supplementing his theoretical research with new experimental projects and when he directed his interests mainly towards applied dynamics. According to his credo, a professor of mechanics should prove his competence in both research and teaching. In 1985 he was "Lady Davis Visiting Professor" at the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and in 1987 he was invited as "Russel Spring Honour Professor" at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of California at Berkeley.

Prof. Sayir is one of the co-founders of rheonics and is a board member of the company. He is co-inventor on many of rheonics' patents and a source of strength for the team.