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System Integrators

Ensure integration success for reliable factory operations. A structured approach yields maximum value when engaging an integration partner.

Employing a system integrator can help manufacturers improve their operational structure. To minimize expenditures and risk, and to speed implementation for integration success, system integrators need to adopt a structural approach.

Steps to system integration success

1. Identify

Understand the challenges facing your plant, facility, or company to define potential areas for improvement through collaboration and co-innovation with a system integrator partner.

2. Create and Implement

Domain knowledge and previous experience on the part of a system integrator partner again is critical because they must understand your plant and its processes to design and deploy solutions.

3. Commissioning and Operations

With the integration in place, the next step is to operate the plant according to plan. Since no amount of expertise in Step 2 will produce a perfect solution, expect some issues to crop up in the first few months of operation.

4. Support, sustain and improve

System integrator partner should remain available to provide assistance and maintain the value generation cycle.

Rheonics works with System Integrators and Machine Builders to equip them deliver density and viscosity management solutions along with their machines to their end-users. End-users are constantly looking to reap full benefits of Industry 4.0, digitalization and factory automation, and we look forward to empowering machine builders achieve exactly what the factory users need for their processes.

Industry Focus and Expertise

Food and Beverages

Rheonics sensors come with special process connections to maintain the hygienic standards for food applications.

  • Batter mixing
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy products
  • Food emulsions
Source: GEA
Assortment Of Dairy Products Isolated On White Background
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Viscosity Measurement Solutions For Batter Mixing In Food Industry
Confectionery Marking
Source: GEA


Broad portfolio of companies in pharmaceutical industry who have deployed Rheonics sensors for their process precision needs and compliance requirements.

  • Pharmaceutical printing
  • Tablet coating
  • API manufacturing
  • Medicines and drugs – eye drops, cough, nourishments
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Drugs Healthcare Medical 208541
Printing Capsules


Custom-built solutions from Rheonics help coating machine builders enable the coating consistency for their application and helps their end-users move towards zero-defects.

  • Automotive painting and coating
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Battery electrode coating
  • Coils, sheet metal and wire enamel coating
  • Sealants and adhesives coating
car painting conveyor automated
Coil Coating
Battery Electrode Coating
Can Coating
Sealant Coating
Laminator glue application - starch glue viscosity 5
Source: Maasmond B.V.


Turnkey integrated automation solution for full control over your printing and coating process. InkSight measures and controls viscosity within 0.5 cps : 100 times greater resolution than average efflux cups. Rheonics has deep expertise working with printing equipment builders and empowering them with the much needed ink viscosity management solutions.

  • Printing presses – Flexographic, gravure, corrugated, rotogravure
  • Contact lens printing
  • Pad printing
  • Water-based and solvent-based inks
Contact Lens
Pad Printing
Measuring Color On The Paper Print With Spectrometer Tool At The Operating Desk Of The Printing Plant
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Investment Casting

Inline viscosity monitoring solutions help investment casters achieve advanced process control over the slurry preparation (mixing) and coating process to build top-quality and defect-free shells with more real-time insights into their processes.

  • Shell-building for investment casting for use in aerospace, automotive, gas turbines
  • Maintains the set slurry viscosity in mixing tanks regardless of temperature and humidity fluctuations, mixing equipment condition – no need of efflux cups and hydrometers
  • Reduction in lead times, enhance capacity utilization, reduce scraps and wastes and optimize efficiency
Source: KEA Automation
Investment Casting Of Precision Metal Parts - Ceramic Slurry Viscosity
Investment Casting Robot Slurry Mixing Viscosity
Aerospace Investment Casting
Gas Turbines Investment Casting

Solutions Portfolio - density and viscosity management


SRV - Wide range inline viscometer

You can expect the sensor on every station to measure and perform equally on any other station. The Rheonics SRV sensor is factory calibrated and traceable to NIST standards.

  • Small Form Factor – Fits in your palm while more robust than any other inline viscometers!
  • All 316L stainless steel wetted parts – Hermetically sealed, metal-metal process sealing – no elastomer
  • Repeatable, Reproducible – Newtonian, non-Newtonian, Single and Multi-phase fluids
  • Wide viscosity range – Air to 50,000+ cP
  • Built-in fluid temperature measurement – Excellent thermal compensation to achieve consistency over the years
  • No re-calibration needed – ever!
SRV – Inline Process Viscosity Monitoring Control Management For Printing Coating Mixing Grinding Automotive Pharmaceuticals
SRD - Inline process density meter and viscometer
  • Single instrument for simultaneous process density (specific gravity), viscosity and temperature measurement
  • Compact form-factor for simple installation
  • Real-time, stable, repeatable and reproducible measurements in Newtonian & non-Newtonian fluids
  • Measures kinematic and dynamic viscosity
  • Easy to clean, no maintenance or re-configurations needed
  • Scale across multiple locations/installs without application re-engineering


Rheonics Predictive Tracking Controller

Level 5: Predictive Tracking Controller ensures precise control of viscosity.

Intuitive HMI

Intuitive HMI gives one touch ViscosityLock functionality. Stay on top of your processes with complete control of process variables and to ensure you meet all your Quality Control requirements.


Rheonics’ InkSight ColorLock software is powerful, intuitive and convenient to use. Multiple stations are managed from a single dashboard. It supports multiple HMIs for operator, production supervisor, quality manager and management view.


• Proprietary advanced 5th generation AI system for simple click monitoring and control
• API for data acquisition and integration into press manufacturer’s HMI
• On-demand in-built remote support management of job run
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Charts6 4h
Charts6 4hMain2stationsAutowash2stationsEventsLoadJob


Turnkey Integrated Solutions for complete automation

Achieve best in class quality, dramatically reduce setup time and optimise use of pigments and solvents. Improve productivity and efficiency through complete automation of factory processes.

• Robust, maintenance free viscosity sensor eliminates need for re-calibration
• Agile viscosity controller reduces viscosity variation to less than 1% over entire run
• One-click, intuitive graphical interface touch-screen
• Tighter, more accurate density/viscosity control

Rheonics' Viscosity and density Production Monitoring and Control System - food, beverages, batter, cream


Automation Software

Rheonics’ software is powerful, intuitive and convenient to use. Multiple stations are managed from a single dashboard. It supports multiple HMIs for operator, production supervisor, quality manager and management view. Each application requirement is different and we understand that to build and support custom-built softwares for your applications.

• Proprietary advanced 5th generation AI system for simple click monitoring and control
• API for data acquisition and integration into press manufacturer’s HMI
• On-demand in-built remote support management of job run

Rheonics-SmartView-printing viscosity control

Add-on functionalities with Rheonics Systems

Smart Wash

Smart wash

Detect clean line and clean sensor with every wash

Fouling Detector

Fouling detector

Monitor sensor fouling in real time & warn operator

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

No need to adjust ink for seasonal temperature changes. InkSight does that automatically for your jobs.

PH Monitoring

pH monitoring

Monitor pH of water in real time to ensure correct additives

Solvent Delivery & Level Monitoring

Solvent delivery & level monitoring

We help you put automated solvent system to control ink viscosity in real-time

We enable you to focus on the quality of your products and processes instead of measurement skills!

Reduce setup time & setup scrap

Reduce and eliminate setup times & scrap by loading pre-run jobs for repeat orders.

Improve process quality control and reduce costs

Achieve consistent product quality by getting direct knowledge of the process fluid inline, realtime. Control and adapt to changing raw materials and customer needs.

Complete automation for improved productivity and efficiency

Maximize factory operation speed, decrease reliance on manual machine adjustments and manual measurement techniques.

Robust accuracy and repeatability

No maintenance, no recalibration = no attention needed.

Temperature compensated viscosity with proprietary Predictive Tracking Control

Solution that precisely locks quality and consistency from start to finish on every job with repeatable results. Based on the same NASA predictive tracking guidance method used for Mars entry and landing.

You can take the cup out of the equation

Process is set to highest standards enabling end-users to take full benefits of IIoT, digitalization and automation. 100 times greater resolution than average efflux cups.

engineer or factory worker using tablet computer for how to fixing tanks and pipes in factory

Global Support

Process experts help when you need it the most.

Rheonics provides a worldwide network of engineers, application experts and technical sales professionals to help you size, select and troubleshoot printing and coating automations for your applications. Please visit our support portal to access our knowledge base articles and to submit a support ticket with us.