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Automotive Painting And Coating Quality Control And Optimization

Through all the advancement in automotive design and manufacturing over the years, there has been one constant – vehicle’s aesthetics…

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Yogurt Quality Control And Optimisation

In the food processing industry, manufacturers are looking for two things - taste and texture. Texture is the “feeling” in…

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Real-time Engine Oil Condition Monitoring

One of the largest areas of innovation and R&D in the automobile industry is the engine oil condition monitoring. Rapid…

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Mud Weight Monitoring

As a part of the industry’s drive for continuous cost-effectiveness, drilling fluid performance and management have come under closer scrutiny.…

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Monitoring Concrete Mixing Process

Being one of the most versatile building materials, concrete is used in many forms of construction. Concrete is often used…

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Pharmaceutical Printing Process Control

Product marking has come under increased scrutiny in the pharmaceutical industry due to pressure from three factors: regulations, aesthetics, and…

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Optimising Printing Applications Through Inline Process Monitoring

Printing presses have numerous applications – newspapers, magazines, catalogues, packaging and labels. The global printing industry is forecast to reach…

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Tablet Coating Process Control

Film coating of solid oral dosage forms is a well-established process in the pharmaceutical industry. Most tablets dosage forms undergo…

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Batter Preparation And Coating Process Control

Batters mixes are widely used as a coating for deep-fried foods and in many other products including cakes, waffles, doughnuts,…

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Inline Viscosity Measurements In Polymerisation Reactions

Polymer production is one of the most important areas of applied chemistry due to its significant number of applications industry…

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Real-time Rheology Measurements Of Polymer Melts

Polymers have gone from being cheap substitutes for natural products to providing high-quality options for a variety of industrial applications…

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Battery Production – Slurry Mixing And Coating

Lithium batteries keep both essentials and comfort of modern life running with safety and reliability. They have a long list…

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Downhole DV Measurements In LWD, MWD, Wireline Tools

The engineering of well logging sensors into the drill collars is simulating a revolution in logging and drilling. LWD, MWD…

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Mixing Process Management

Mixing is the fundamental step in the manufacture of many products. Even though it may not have strict precision requirements,…

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Density Viscosity For PVT Studies

PVT analysis is performed to relate surface production to underground  withdrawal for an oil reservoir and to simulate what takes…

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