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Rheonics SensorView App – Viscometers And Density Meters

Rheonics SensorView App launched on Apple Store and Google Play

Rheonics SensorView is now live on both google play and apple store!

As a long time manufacturer of fluid-sensing solutions, Rheonics is continuously identifying and designing new solutions and enabling next-gen connectivity options that our customers will trust in wide range of applications.


Bringing real-time process monitoring to your fingertips!

Download Rheonics SensorView App on the Apple Store.


Download Rheonics SensorView App on Google Play.

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Key features of the Rheonics SensorView App

With Rheonics SensorView on your phone and tablet, you can

  • Monitor your process viscosity, temperature (and density) anytime
  • Visualize your process trend over time
  • Chart 5 min to 60 min of process data
  • SensorView automatically detects the sensor

Rheonics SensorView uses Bluetooth LE 4.0 to connect to the sensor. All Rheonics sensors with SME-TRD (display) have Bluetooth connectivity. Old units may need to be updated to use the App.

Application Screenshots
Rheonics SensorView Connection Demo Video

SensorView connection with the sensor take just a few clicks and seconds!