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SRV - Request for Quote Form

Configure SRV

Select the required options for SRV. Please refer to the SRV-Datasheet for more information. (* indicates required)

Product Approvals Required (Ex certificates)

ATEX and IECEx certificates available.
If you do not need an ATEX or an IECEx certified sensor, please choose 'No' in the previous question and proceed.

Sensor Options

Please input value, if selected V4 above (V4 - Custom - Customer specified calibrated range within 0.5 - 50,000 cP)
Please input value, if selected CUS above (CUS - Customer specific calibrations - specify viscosity range, accuracy required and operational conditions)
Please refer to the Electronics and Communications Page for more information.

Rheonics electronics are pre-configured with the following communication options.

C1 – 4-20 mA – 3 channels of 4-20 mA analog signal
C2 – Modbus RTU (RS-485) – Modbus RTU over RS-485
C3 – USB – USB 2.0 compliant service and data acquisition port
C4 – Ethernet – Ethernet TCP/IP with RJ45 connector
C6 – Modbus TCP (Ethernet)

For Ex-certified sensors, maximum temperature rating is 185°C.
Please input value, if selected T4 above(T4 - >200 °C - Sensor rated for operation in process fluids above 200 °C i.e. 400 °F)
Please download the FPC drawing, fill in the dimensions, save and upload.
Please input details if applicable for the selected process connection
For Ex-certified sensors with Fixed Process Connection, maximum pressure rating is 1500 psi.

Applications & Industries

Ordering Information

Brief description about the application, any other requirements specific to the quote

Contact Information

Please provide your contact number, including the country dialing code. For example: +1 713-364-5427 or +41 52 511 32 00

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