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Quality Policy

Quality Policy document is developed by management to express the directive of the top management with respect to quality and applies to all levels in the organization.

The quality policy applies to all levels in the organization. All deliveries should meet or preferably exceed our customer’s expectations – through-out the entire business process, from orders to final deliveries and use of our products, solutions and services. To ensure that we meet our responsibilities and obligations to our customers, our people, our partners, our suppliers and to our shareholders we are committed to the following quality objectives:

  • Customer Centric: Identify and understand our customer’s expectations, measure customer perceptions, and implement improvements to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Cutting Edge Products and Solutions: Deliver on-time and on-quality products, systems and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Everybody’s Commitment: Enable and engage our people at all levels in a relentless drive to improve operational performance along the value chain from suppliers to customers adding value to our customers and our businesses, through continual training and development.
  • Product Safety and Full Compliance: Guarantee product safety, full compliance and achieve quality required by directives of relevant certifications by respecting our policies, principles and standards with full transparency. We intend to maintain the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and IECEx certification scheme and ISO 9001:2015, so that we are a registered firm of assessed capability. Conformance to the procedures and systems recorded in our documented quality procedures are mandatory and will enable us to continually meet that objective.

Continuous Improvement: Leverage our partners and suppliers’ strengths to continually improve our products, operations, solutions and services from product design through production, installation and operation. In addition to strict adherence to procedures, we need to continually develop and maintain the right attitude towards high quality achievement throughout the company.


Fig-1. Rheonics Quality Policy Map

Quality Certificates

Hereinafter you can view our certificates.