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RPS InkSight - Central Console - Multi station ink viscosity control for printing press


Rheonics Printing Solution

Multi-station ink control system

• Single click to lock to the correct ink viscosity
• Level 5 Autonomous Control throughout the print
• Consistent prints set to master
• Load jobs at a click : Zero setup time and Zero setup scrap
• Predictive tracking control for precise dilutions of solvent/pH water

The Award Winning Technology

2021 FTA Technical Innovation Awards

For over 20 years, the FTA Technical Innovation Award has recognized the most innovative and impactful technologies for the ever-evolving package printing and converting industry. The recipients of the Technical Innovation Award are deemed by a panel of industry experts to have the potential to change flexography’s future for the better.

InkSight fundamentally changes the nature of the flexo printing process, from initial job setup all the way to jobs that, once delivered, secure a clear path to repeat business… It can produce a change in the very culture of the flexo industry by adding job-length consistency, accuracy and efficiency.


2021 Gravure Awards for Sustainable Packaging by ERA

Rheonics was awarded 2021 Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award by European Rotogravure Association for their new inline viscometer technology for ink viscosity measurement in the press.

Printers can achieve unmatched color accuracy and quality with the InkSight system and ColorLock™ software –which is designed in collaboration with printers, for printers. Viscosity automation and predictive tracking control with InkSight reduces waste and materials consumption, as it increases efficiency and improves quality.

3-ERA-2021-Gravure Awards_2

Randy Buchholz, Engineer

“Since installing the new InkSight viscosity control system on one of our rotogravure lines, we’ve seen some impressive results. The PID control is phenomenal, and we could control almost any valve style with success. It can maintain an extremely tight setpoint tolerance.”

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Todd Luman, Manager

“In my professional opinion, there is not another viscosity control system on the market place today that can match the results we have experienced to date with the Rheonics SRV sensor. It is a new technology that separates itself from the others. I have not had the same level of performance as displayed by the Rheonics InkSight controller due to their technology product advancements.”

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Bert Verweel, Owner

“The increased confidence on control over print and color quality with the InkSight has enabled us to take on higher margin and higher quality jobs where the brand owners have very strict color specifications. With this system, we strive for low dE2000 values in order to keep the quality level as high as possible and making it difficult for the competition.”

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Your Press

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic Printing

Corrugated Printing

Corrugated Printing

Rheonics Printing Solution

Print to spectrophotometer standards.

Color and Rheonics is synonymous with InkSight and color control. The printing process is set to spectrophotometer standards, InkSight measures and controls viscosity within 0.5 cps : 100 times greater resolution than average efflux cups enabling inkSight control color forward of the spectro track. InkSight Colorlock precisely locks color from start to finish on every job with repeatable results.

Measuring color on the paper print with spectrometer tool at the operating desk of the printing plant

Standalone Solutions

Turnkey integrated automation solution for full control over your printing and coating process. InkSight measures and controls viscosity within 0.5 cps : 100 times greater resolution than average eflux cups.

Automotive Painting

Automotive painting

Pad Printing

Pad printing

Varnish And Adhesives

Varnish and adhesives

Anti-corrosion Coating

Anti-corrosion coating

Wide range of solutions in the coating industry

Coil Coating

Coil coating

Food Safety - Active Coating

Food safety - active coating

Contact Lens Printing

Contact lens printing

Sealant Coating

Sealant coating

Can Coating

Can coating

Tablet Coating

Tablet coating

Confectionery Marking

Confectionery marking

Wire Enamel Coating

Wire enamel coating

Battery Electrode Coating

Battery electrode coating

Multi-station ink control standard system configuration

inline-viscosity monitoring

In-line ink monitoring

Rheonics SRV Sensor is located directly in the ink line, monitoring and transmitting to main control cabinet in real-time.

L5Autonomy RheonicsRPS

L5 Autonomous Control

Level 5: Predictive Tracking Controller ensures precise control of ink viscosity. Intuitive HMI gives one touch ColorLock functionality.


Smart Wash

Smart wash

Detect clean line and clean sensor with every wash

Fouling Detector

Fouling detector

Monitor sensor fouling in real time & warn operator

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

No need to adjust ink for seasonal temperature changes. InkSight does that automatically for your jobs.

PH Monitoring

pH monitoring

Monitor pH of water in real time to ensure correct additives

Solvent Delivery & Level Monitoring

Solvent delivery & level monitoring

We help you put automated solvent system to control ink viscosity in real-time

Easy installation and retrofit

Easy mounting. Screws or clamps to ink line fitting. No chambers, O-ring seals or gaskets. Easily removed for cleaning or inspection. Sensors available with flange and tri-clamp connection for quick mounting/dismounting. Drop-in replacements for both sensor and electronics without any software changes – Auto detect!

Asset 4

• Rheonics SRV viscosity sensor measuring element is sealed within the sensor head, protected from fluid ingress providing precise measurement with consistent color control

• The sensor washes up with your press, if ink lines are dirty inkSight alerts the operator

inkSight System Main Components

• Rheonics Predictive Tracking Controller
• Smart View Press Console
• SRV sensor on each station
• Pneumatic valve for solvent control
• Auto-wash system (when needed)

You can take the cup out of the equation.

100x more accurate than a zahn, shell, din or ford cup – the SRV Sensor is repeatable to 0.1 cps (equivalent to 0.001 second on a cup) and can enable your printing process to spectrophotometer standards.

RPS InkSight Demonstration Video
RPS InkSight Installation Overview

SRV Viscometer & the integrated RPS InkSight system

RPS - InkSight

Achieve best in class printing quality, dramatically reduce setup time and optimise use of pigments and solvents. Improve productivity and efficiency through complete automation of color control on your press.

• Robust, maintenance free viscosity sensor eliminates need for re-calibration
• Agile viscosity controller reduces viscosity variation to less than 1% over
entire print run regardless of length
• One-click, intuitive graphical interface touch-screen
• Tighter, more accurate color density and dE control

SRV - Wide range inline viscometer

You can expect the sensor on every station to measure and perform equally on any other station. The Rheonics SRV sensor is factory calibrated and traceable to NIST standards.

  • Small Form Factor – Fits in your palm while more robust than any other inline viscometers!
  • All 316L stainless steel wetted parts – Hermetically sealed, metal-metal process sealing – no elastomer
  • Repeatable, Reproducible – Newtonian, non-Newtonian, Single and Multi-phase fluids
  • Wide viscosity range – Air to 50,000+ cP
  • Built-in fluid temperature measurement – Excellent thermal compensation to achieve consistency over the years
  • No re-calibration needed – ever!
SRV – Inline Process Viscosity Monitoring Control Management For Printing Coating Mixing Grinding Automotive Pharmaceuticals
Asset 1
ColorLock Software

Rheonics’ InkSight ColorLock software is powerful, intuitive and convenient to use. Multiple stations are managed from a single dashboard. It supports multiple HMIs for operator, production supervisor, quality manager and management view.

• Proprietary advanced 5th generation AI system for simple click monitoring and control
• API for data acquisition and integration into press manufacturer’s HMI
• On-demand in-built remote support management of job run

Rheonics-SmartView-printing viscosity control

Focus on print quality instead of measurement skills

Reduce setup time & setup scrap

Reduce and eliminate setup times & scrap by loading pre-run jobs for repeat orders.

Improve print quality and reduce costs

Achieve color consistency, reduce printing errors by ensuring correct ink properties during the process.

Complete automation for improved productivity and efficiency

Maximize press operation speed, decrease reliance on manual machine adjustments and manual measurement techniques.

Robust accuracy and repeatability

No maintenance, no recalibration = no attention needed.

Temperature compensated viscosity with proprietary Predictive Tracking Control

Solution that precisely locks color from start to finish on every job with repeatable results. Based on the same NASA predictive tracking guidance method used for Mars entry and landing.

You can take the cup out of the equation

Printing process is set to spectrophotometer standards, 100 times greater resolution than average eflux cups.

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Datasheet – RPS-A

This document covers the overall mechanical and electrical specification of RPS-A (a small-scale monitoring & control system).
This system is the miniature variant of the process monitoring & control solution by Rheonics. It consists of an industrial embedded PC mounted inside a stainless-steel cabinet with integrated 10.4” display and touch screen.


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Datasheets & BrochuresRheonics Printing Solution (InkSight)Application, Marketingdatasheetsapplication marketing
Brochure – RPS

General information, benefits and application areas of RPS InkSight (Rheonics Printing Solution)


Datasheets & BrochuresRheonics Printing Solution (InkSight)Technical Informationdatasheetstechnical-information

Accurately control fluid viscosity or density in a variety of industrial applications



Rheonics Process Monitoring and Control System

Multi-station process monitoring and control system

• Monitoring up to 6-station
• Monitoring & control up to 2-station

Global Support

Color control experts help when you need it the most.

Rheonics provides a worldwide network of engineers, application experts and technical sales professionals to help you size, select and troubleshoot printing and coating automations for your applications.

rheonics-global support
Interested in getting the RPS?