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Rheonics Process Monitoring and Control System

Multi-station process monitoring and control system

• Monitoring up to 6-station
• Monitoring & control up to 2-station

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This system is the miniature variant of the process monitoring & control solution by Rheonics. It consists of an industrial embedded PC mounted inside a stainless-steel cabinet with integrated 10.4” display and touch screen. The industrial PC runs a control application which measures viscosity, density using Rheonics inline sensors and optional pH/Level by external third-party sensors. The process is controlled by up to two electrical and two pneumatic outputs which can control valves/pumps/mixers/chillers, etc.

Industrial communication options include an Ethernet connection, WiFi and USB. Additional user interface elements include a buzzer + alarm light and 4 buttons including LEDs.

Rheonics' Viscosity and density Production Monitoring and Control System - food, beverages, batter, cream


Table shows all options. However, the actual system will only contain the options that were selected during ordering.

DimensionWidth/Height/Depth, mm (inch)380/444/222 (15/17.5/8.75)
Weightkg (lb)17 (38)
Electrical Interfaces
Rheonics M12 process connection1 x 12-pin M12 female connector for DVM/DVP/SRV/SRD sensorConnected to internal SMET
For monitoring only system, multiple M12 connections are possible up to 6x each cabinet
Power Input230VACInput range: 85VAC – 264VAC
Power Loss
Max. Load
4W50Va, cos phi 0.6
Optional Electrical Interfaces
M12/4-pin process connection1 x 4-pin M12 female connector (pH/Level/other RS485 sensor)Connected to the RS485 D-Sub of the industrial PC
Pneumatic Output2 x pneumatic process connection, 4mm, push-pull fittingPneumatic Valve 1: ADAM 6060, CH0
Pneumatic Valve 2: ADAM 6060, CH1
Pneumatic Input1 x pneumatic process connection, 4mm, push-pull fittingInput range: 4-10bar / 60-150psi
Human Interface Elements
DisplayProjective capacitive 10-point 10,4” TFT LCD Touchscreen (1024*768)Mounted on the industrial pc
Industrial PC4x2GHz, 8BG RAM, 128GBWindows 10 IoT preinstalled
ButtonsPiezo Buttons normal openActuating force: 2 – 6N
Different colour options
EthernetEthernet LAN
10/100 Mbit/s full duplex
Internal communication over Ethernet
Completely plug & play service components
WIFI802.11 b/g/n WIFI
Embedded Webserver accessible over Factory LAN on handheld devices
Alarm Buzzer with LED85 to 96db(A) acoustic signal with a red LEDCustomer configurable alerts
Email alerts
Power Consumption
Maximum26,4WTotal cabinet using standard connections
Temperature range-10 ℃ ~+50 ℃Sensors can be installed in higher temperature process lines, check rating of ordered sensors
Humidity range10~95%@10 ℃
(No condensation)
ConnectorsAll on topLeave 60mm space on top for connectors and cables
Total Height of installation area recommended 500mm
HandlesTwo (2)For carrying cabinet
Wireless AntennaTopProtect against damage, sticks above handles
Wall mountTwo (2)
Outside installationNot recommended without proper protectionAll connectors come with caps, however the unit is not built for direct install in outside areas where connectors are exposed to environmental element.
Protect against ingress of water, dust, etc.
Software (options available to order)
RPS InkSight with ColorLock1-10 stationMonitoring and control using ColorLock functionality
RPM RheoPulse1-10 stationMonitoring only software
RPM SlurryTrak1-10 stationMonitoring only software
RPM PaintTrak1-10 stationMonitoring only software
RPS InSight with ProcessLock1-10 stationProcess monitoring and control software

Mechanical Dimensions

Front and Side View
RPS-A_front_process_monitor Front and Side View
Top View
RPS-A_top_process_monitor Top View

System Overview

Rheonics PaintTrack System - For monitoring and control of automotive paint application

Standalone Solutions

Turnkey integrated automation solution for full control over your industrial processes. The system measures and controls viscosity within 0.5 cps : 100 times greater resolution than average efflux cups.

Automotive Painting

Automotive painting

Pad Printing

Pad printing

Varnish And Adhesives

Varnish and adhesives

Anti-corrosion Coating

Anti-corrosion coating

Wide range of solutions in the industry

Coil Coating

Coil coating

Food Safety - Active Coating

Food safety - active coating

Contact Lens Printing

Contact lens printing

Sealant Coating

Sealant coating

Can Coating

Can coating

Tablet Coating

Tablet coating

Confectionery Marking

Confectionery marking

Wire Enamel Coating

Wire enamel coating

Battery Electrode Coating

Battery electrode coating

Easy installation and retrofit

Easy mounting. Screws or clamps to ink line fitting. No chambers, O-ring seals or gaskets. Easily removed for cleaning or inspection. Sensors available with flange and tri-clamp connection for quick mounting/dismounting. Drop-in replacements for both sensor and electronics without any software changes – Auto detect!

Asset 4

SRV Viscometer & the integrated RPS-A system

RPS - A Process Control and Monitoring System

Achieve best in class product quality, dramatically reduce setup time and optimise use of materials. Improve productivity and efficiency through complete automation of viscosity control of your process fluid.

• Robust, maintenance free viscosity sensor eliminates need for re-calibration
• Agile viscosity controller reduces viscosity variation to less than 1% over entire print run regardless of length
• One-click, intuitive graphical interface touch-screen
• Tighter, more accurate viscosity control

SRV - Wide range inline viscometer

You can expect the sensor on every station to measure and perform equally on any other station. The Rheonics SRV sensor is factory calibrated and traceable to NIST standards.

  • Small Form Factor – Fits in your palm while more robust than any other inline viscometers!
  • All 316L stainless steel wetted parts – Hermetically sealed, metal-metal process sealing – no elastomer
  • Repeatable, Reproducible – Newtonian, non-Newtonian, Single and Multi-phase fluids
  • Wide viscosity range – Air to 50,000+ cP
  • Built-in fluid temperature measurement – Excellent thermal compensation to achieve consistency over the years
  • No re-calibration needed – ever!
SRV – Inline Process Viscosity Monitoring Control Management For Printing Coating Mixing Grinding Automotive Pharmaceuticals
Asset 1

Rheonics’ software is powerful, intuitive and convenient to use. Multiple stations are managed from a single dashboard. It supports multiple HMIs for operator, production supervisor, quality manager and management view.

• Proprietary advanced 5th generation AI system for simple click monitoring and control
• API for data acquisition and integration into press manufacturer’s HMI
• On-demand in-built remote support management of job run

Rheonics-SmartView-printing viscosity control

Global Support

Process control experts help when you need it the most.

Rheonics provides a worldwide network of engineers, application experts and technical sales professionals to help you size, select and troubleshoot process automations for your applications.

rheonics-global support