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HPHT PVT density meter viscometer - DVM


HPHT ultra high accuracy all-in-one density meter and viscometer

in-line, online, real-time high-pressure high-temperature viscosity & density tracking

  • Simultaneous density, viscosity and temperature measurement
  • Measure at reservoir conditions: 30,000 psi and 400°F (2000 bar and 200° C)
  • Built for on the bench or in the field use
  • Extremely accurate measurement in the harshest of conditions
  • 5 minutes from box to operation in your flow loop – built to integrate with all PVT systems
  • Full Titanium Grade 5 construction

3-in-1 process instrument

Density meter, Viscometer and Temperature gauge all-in-one. Small form-factor robust device.

Single instrument for both density and viscosity

Extremely high accuracy in providing the measurements

High accuracy even in harshest of conditions

Measure reservoir fluid density and viscosity at 30,000 psi (2000 bar) and 400°F (200°C)

Lowest fluid use for providing measurements

Less than 0.7 cc fluid sample required for measurement of both density and viscosity under reservoir conditions

Excellent Design

All Titanium Grade 5 wetted parts. Built to operate in oven or bath. Standalone DTCM for smallest form factor density and viscosity.

Extremely convenient operations

No hardware or software changes to measure density and viscosity across complete range. No re-calibration required to remove effect of viscosity or change of pistons to measure viscosity in different range.

Accurate temperature measurement

Class AA Pt1000 for accurate temperature reading of the sample fluid

Fluid measurements
Viscosity Range0.2 to 300 cP
lower than 0.2 available
Viscosity Accuracy0.1 cP below 1 cP
5% of reading (standard)
higher accuracy available
Density Range0 – 1.5 g/cc
Density Accuracy0.001 g/cc
higher accuracy available
ReproducibilityBetter than 1% of reading
TemperaturePt1000 (cIass AA)
Operational conditions
Process Fluid Temperature-40 up to 200 °C
Ambient Temperature-40 up to 200 °C
Pressure Rangeup to 30,000 psi
  • The rheonics DVM measures viscosity and density by means of a torsional resonator, which is fully immersed in the fluid under test.
  • The more viscous the fluid, the higher the mechanical damping of the resonator. By measuring the damping, the product of viscosity and density may be calculated by rheonics’ proprietary algorithms.
  • The denser the fluid, the lower the resonant frequency. A denser fluid increases the mass loading of the resonator.
  • The resonator is both excited and sensed by means of an electromagnetic transducer mounted in the sensor’s body.
  • Damping is measured by the rheonics patented sensing and evaluation electronics and stable, high accuracy and repeatable readings are obtained based on rheonics’ proven gated phase-locked loop technology.
Operating principle
Robust Build and Superior Sensor Technology

Patented Balanced Resonators

Rheonics’ DVM sensors use patented balanced resonators to ensure consistent, reproducible measurements no matter how the DVM is mounted.

Robust, repeatable and well-characterized sensors

DVM uses ultra-stable resonators, built using decades of experience in materials, vibrational dynamics and fluid-resonator interaction modelling that add up to the industry’s most robust, repeatable and well characterised sensors.

Wide Operational Capabilities

Density Range

0 – 1.5 g/cc
1 – 1500 kg/m3
0 – 12.52 lb/gal

Density Accuracy

0.001 g/cc
1 kg/m3
0.008 lb/gal
Higher accuracy available

Viscosity Range

0.2 to 300 cP

Viscosity Accuracy

0.1 cP below 1 cP
5% of reading (standard)
higher accuracy available


upto 30,000 psi (2000 bar)


-40°C to 200°C (392°F)

Fluid Types

Single phase

Accurate, fast and reliable measurements

HPHT measurements

upto 30,000 psi (2000 bar)


better than 1%

Measurement time

< 2 seconds

DVM accuracy
Process Viscosity Monitoring, Storage & Analyzer

Powerful, intuitive GUI

It can continuously track change of viscosity and density of live oil sample across the complete run and does not require any hardware change or reconfiguration. Rheonics’ software is powerful, intuitive and convenient to use.

On-device(edge), cloud and PC data acquisition and analysis

Viscosity and density measurement without change of hardware or parameters

API for data acquisition and integration in customer applications

Easy integration with existing data acquisition systems using LabVIEW VI over USB, Ethernet, Modbus

Minimal sample fluid utilization and cost-effective operations
DVM_application Density Viscosity measurement for reservoir PVT studies

Single instrument, dual function

Rheonics’ DVM is a unique product that replaces two alternatives and offers better performance while operating at true reservoir conditions. It eliminates the difficulty of co-locating two different instruments in any application needing density-viscosity monitoring of the process fluid.

Minimal sample size requirement

Minimal reservoir fluid is used for testing in the DVM since there is no requirement of a separate line or sampling system. Safe and cost-effective to operate, DVM requires only 0.7ml of sample to measure viscosity and density across the complete P,T range saving time and money.

Ruggedised electronics deliver accurate, fast and reliable measurements

Sophisticated, patented 3rd generation electronics drive these sensors and evaluate their response. Ultra-fast and robust electronics, combined with comprehensive computational models, make SRVs one of the fastest and most accurate in the industry. SRV gives real time, accurate viscosity measurements every second and are not affected by flow variations!

Process Control

  • PLC Integration
  • IP integration
  • Standalone

Cloud based process control

  • OPC UA
  • JSON
  • TCP/IP

Edge process control

  • Analog Communication
  • Digital Communication
  • Integrated Webserver
Multiple communication options available

4-20 mA

RS 485

Modbus TCP






SD Card

HART Ready

Wireless Ready

Unique accessory option : DTCM

DTCM eliminates the need for bulky and expensive thermal test chambers (climate chambers) for temperature control. It reduces the foot print to the same size as a typical small coffee machine (Nespresso) while achieving 10x better stability and uniformity compared to a typical 100L commercial thermal chamber.


DVM Thermal Control Module

  • DVM thermal chamber
  • 10 °C to 180 °C
  • 0.005 °C temperature stability
  • 0.05 °C temperature accuracy
  • Integrated temperature controller
  • PC built-in for standalone operation
  • Ethernet, Wi-fi, RS485 ports for direct integration
  • 7.5kg (16.5 lb) with DVM
Rheonics’ value proposition: The best in the industry

Very high pressures and temperatures, shocks and vibrations, limited availability of power and severe space constraints on drilling rigs call for novel approaches to measurement instruments. This serves as the charter for Rheonics’ DVM.

Comparison -DVM with other tech

Customise the sensor to meet your needs

Choose from a wide range of electronics, communication, temperature, accessories and process connection options. Define requirements as per your process needs and place an order.

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CAD Model – DVM

CAD model (Step File) of DVM


CAD Model - DVM
Datasheet – DTCM

Information and specifications about DVM Thermal Control Module


Datasheet - DTCM
Declaration of Conformity – CE Declaration of Conformity as per EN 61326-1:2013, EN 61326-2-3:2013 & EN 50581:2012

Declaration of Conformity for SME-TRD, SME-TR & SME-DRM as per directives – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU & Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS2) Directive 2011/65/EU


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Declaration of Conformity - CE Declaration of Conformity as per EN 61326-1:2013, EN 61326-2-3:2013 & EN 50581:2012
Conference Paper – A New Sensor for Viscosity and Fluid Density Measurement for Oil Well Drilling Applications

Viscosity and Fluid Density Measurement for Oil Well Drilling Applications, Published in Sensors and Measuring Systems 2014; 17. ITG/GMA Symposium


Conference Paper - A New Sensor for Viscosity and Fluid Density Measurement for Oil Well Drilling Applications
publicationsapplication technical-information
Article – Laboratory for Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics, ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich, Laboratory for Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics – Article on Dynamic viscosity and density sensing featuring Rheonics (previously Viscoteers)


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Article - Laboratory for Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics, ETH Zurich
Manual – DVM

DVM-HPHT Installation and Operating Instructions

Request File

Manual - DVM
Product Portfolio – SRV, SRD, DVM, DVP

Overview of the Standard Products – Information on Specifications, Electronics, Communication, Mechanical, Dimensions, Software and installation.


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Product Portfolio - SRV, SRD, DVM, DVP
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Datasheet – DVM

Information on Specifications, Electronics, Communication, Mechanical, Dimensions, Software and installation.


Datasheet - DVM
Density Viscosity for PVT studies

Density Viscosity for PVT studies

PVT analysis is performed to relate surface production to underground  withdrawal for an oil reservoir and to simulate what takes…

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