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List of all rheonics accessories, sorted by the related products. 

NameAccessory CodeImageDescriptionInfoAssociated Productsassociated_products_hfilter
STCMSTC-180STCM - SRV and SRD Smart Thermal Control Module - rheonics viscosity and densitySRV and SRD Smart Thermal Control ModuleSTCM DatasheetSRD, SRVsrd srv
DTCMDTC-180DTCM dvm-smart-thermal-control-module-rheonics-viscosity-and-densityDVM Thermal Control ModuleDTCM DatasheetDVMdvm
Inline adapter for 3/4" NPT sensorIFC-34N Adapter for integrating the sensor in connecting pipesDrawing (Flow adapter - NPT)

3D Model (STEP File)
SRD, SRVsrd srv
Impact ShieldIMS-SRTo protect the SR sensor probe from any impacts in harsh process conditionsDrawing FileSRD, SRVsrd srv
Tank Mount Adapter
TMA-34NRheonics inline density meter and viscometers can be installed in a tank using the convenient tank-mount adaptersSupport Article

SRD, SRVsrd srv
SRV-HPHT-CellHPT-SRXHigh pressure flow cell for SRV - rated for up to 10,000 psi (750 bar) DrawingSRVsrv
Protective Sleeve SRSPS-SRXFor installation of SRV/SRD sensor in fluid with big particles. To protect the sensor from big particles hitting the sensor and damaging itSRD, SRVsrd srv
Calibration Stand - SRSCS-00ASensor Stand Stand for SRV/SRD sensor, typically used with fluid in PTFE sample cylinder for static measurements. SRD, SRVsrd srv
Calibration Cylinder - SRSCC-SRXPTFE Cylinder for SRV/SRD for sample for static measurements SRD, SRVsrd srv
Transmitter Mounting BracketTMB-TRXFor installation of TRD/TR housing on pipe Electronicselectronics
DVM Torque wrenchTOW-DVMUsed in DVM installationDVMdvm
Sensor extraction and removal tool for DVMERT-DVMUsed for sensor extraction and removalDVMdvm
Inline adapter for 1.5" TriClamp sensorIFC-15TAdapter to connect the inline viscometer SRV or inline density and viscosity meter SRD using tri-clamp connectionsSupport Article

3D Model (Step File)

Drawing (Flow Adapter - Triclamp)  
SRD, SRVsrd srv
FPC protective sleeve (SRV/SRD)SFP-SRX For installation of FPC SRV/SRD sensor in fluid with big particles. To protect the sensor from big particles hitting the sensor and damaging it.SRD, SRVsrd srv
SME-TR (Stainless Steel)THX-SS (SME-TR) Stainless steel transmitter housing with solid cover - THX-SSElectronicselectronics
SME-TRD with Display (Stainless Steel)THX-SS (SME-TRD)

Stainless Steel Transmitter housing with display - THX-SSElectronicselectronics
DVM and HPHT-cell high pressure connectors

Collar (60-2H4)
Gland (60-2HM4)
Tube (OD 1/4" - ID 1/8")
HiP - Valves, Fittings & Tubings BrochureDVMdvm
Protective sleeve for SR sensors with 3/4” NPT threaded connectionSR-34N-PS A sleeve for protection of the sensing element.SRD, SRVsrd srv

SR sensor M12 protective cap

SR-M12-CP A cap to protect the SR sensors M12 connector, when not in operation. SRD, SRVsrd srv

Protective sleeve for Flange, Triclamp, Long insertion (non-EHEDG) sensors

SR-CUS-PS A sleeve for protection of the sensing element.SRD, SRVsrd srv
Backup RingBR-DVMBackup Ring Material: PEEKDrawing 3D PDFDVMdvm
O-Ring Installation ToolDOT-DVDVMdvm

Find all Rheonics Accessories information here (Datasheets, Manuals, Certificates, Software, CAD Models, Videos and more).

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Certificate – ISO 9001

Certificate for Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO 9001:2015


CertificatesAccessories, Communication, Electronics, Integrated Solutions, Software, Standard ProductsQuality, Technical Informationaccessories communication electronics integrated-solutions software standard-productsquality technical-information
Datasheet – STCM

Information and specifications about SRV and SRD Smart Thermal Control Module


Datasheets & BrochuresSRD, SRV, STCMTechnical Informationsrd srv stcm standard-products accessoriestechnical-information
Datasheet – DTCM

Information and specifications about DVM Thermal Control Module


Datasheets & BrochuresDTCM, DVMTechnical Informationdtcm dvm accessories standard-productstechnical-information