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List of all rheonics accessories, sorted by the related products. 

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STCM - SRV and SRD Smart Thermal Control Module - rheonics viscosity and density

SRV and SRD Smart Thermal Control Module

STCM Datasheet

, srd srv


DTCM dvm-smart-thermal-control-module-rheonics-viscosity-and-density

DVM Thermal Control Module

DTCM Datasheet


Flow adapter

Adapter for integrating the sensor in connecting pipes, srd srv

Impact Shield

To protect the SR sensor probe from any impacts in harsh process conditions

Drawing File

, srd srv

Tank Mount Adapter

Rheonics inline density meter and viscometers can be installed in a tank using the convenient tank-mount adapters

Support Article

, srd srv


High pressure enclosure for SRV/SRD to reach high pressure


, srd srv

Protective Sleeve SR

For installation of SRV/SRD sensor in fluid with big particles. To protect the sensor from big particles hitting the sensor and damaging it, srd srv

Sensor Stand – SR

Sensor Stand SRV SRD Rheonics
Stand for SRV/SRD sensor, typically used with fluid in PTFE sample cylinder for static measurements. , srd srv

Sample Cylinder – SR

PTFE Cylinder for SRV/SRD for sample for static measurements , srd srv

Transmitter Mounting Bracket

For installation of TRD/TR housing on pipe electronics

DVM Torque wrench

Used in DVM installationdvm

SR-TC flowthrough cell

Adapter for integrating the sensors with tri-clamp connection in pipes.

Support Article

, srd srv

Sensor extraction and removal tool for DVM

Used for sensor extraction and removaldvm

Cable Gland

Cable Glands SME

Cable Gland for SME-electronicselectronics

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Datasheet – STCM

Information and specifications about SRV and SRD Smart Thermal Control Module


, , srd stcm srv standard-products accessoriestechnical-information
Datasheet – DTCM

Information and specifications about DVM Thermal Control Module


, dtcm dvm accessories standard-productstechnical-information