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Rheonics' products are already used in a broad range of markets from food processing to downhole oil & gas exploration and production. We are growing our markets through a combination of innovative technology, robust products and focus on ease of use.

We believe the fluid sensing market for density and viscosity is on the cusp of revolution through the introduction of stable, reliable, robust, plug-and-play instruments.

Corporate Overview

Rheonics delivers real-time process optimization solutions based on the industry’s best in-line viscosity and density measurement, even under extreme conditions. Rheonics solutions are backed by more than 30 years of research from ETH Zurich, one of world’s top 10 universities. Rheonics application-tailored systems are aimed at up- and downstream oil and gas, high-value lubrication monitoring, printing, food – any process where fluid properties make or break the quality and economics of the product.

Rheonics designs, manufactures and markets innovative fluid sensing and monitoring systems. With more than 150 years collective experience, it brings together seasoned experts in the fields of mechanics, electronics, and fluid dynamics whose mission is to build customer-driven application-specific fluid sensing solutions. The founders of the company are Professor Juerg Dual, Professor at the Institute of Mechanical Systems at ETH; Professor emeritus Mahir Sayir, ex-head of IMES at ETH; Dr. Joe Goodbread, Chief Technology Officer and inventor of numerous innovative fluid sensing systems, and Dr. Klaus Haeusler, who has developed a wide range of novel fluid solutions for medical, food and polymer applications, and Ueli Marti, electronics engineer at the ETH Zurich.

We produce robust and reliable solutions based on a foundation of time- and field tested technologies, backed by a broad and expanding portfolio of intellectual property. Our current palette of products includes a series of process viscosity & density instruments, a ground-breaking high-temperature, high-pressure density and viscosity sensor system that can measure the density and viscosity simultaneously in under a second, a world first in fluid monitoring.

Markets and Solutions

Rheonics has developed the world’s first commercial HPHT viscosity and density solution for use during drilling operation under pressures and temperatures in excess of 2000 bar (30,000 psi) and 250 °C (500 °F) as well as the first commercial inline system to operate repeatably in non-Newtonian, multi-phase fluids.

Rheonics products are focused on enabling fluid intelligence in processes and has made inroad in diverse markets:

Oil & Gas: product for fluid analysis and sampling during drilling operations and reducing the water requirement during fracking by monitoring and controlling fracking fluid viscosity

Pharma, Food and Cosmetics: solution for process monitoring of non-newtonian fluids to reduce energy use and assure intermediate and end product quality during raw material transformation

Process Management: robust plug-and-play viscosity and density monitoring instrumentation providing accurate and repeatable fluid monitoring in demanding environments filling a gap in current process monitoring offerings

Oil Condition Monitoring: product for monitoring lubrication of moving parts facilitating increased runtime and decreased maintenance. Solutions for improving windmill gearbox lifetime and optimized functioning of engines.


Prior to the founding of the company, the core group has been active in sensor research and design at ETHZ since the early 1980’s, when Joe Goodbread with Juerg Dual and Mahir Sayir designed and patented their first vibrational viscometer. This design was commercialized by Anton Paar-Physica under the trade name “Rheoswing”. The group subsequently invented and patented their “Gated phase-locked loop” technology and developed an inline process viscometer which is marketed by Brookfield as the commercially successful AST-100 process viscometer. The AST-100 has found wide acceptance for process monitoring and control in food, chemicals, coatings, printing and consumer products.

The Rheonics Advantage

Rheonics is rapidly providing application-specific fluid sensing solutions for a wide variety of measurement challenges in the most demanding and aggressive environments. Clients can select from standard solutions based on our established technologies, or partner to develop bespoke solutions.

We also have expertise in high temperature electronics enabling co-location of the electronics and sensing element in the same environment. We have built electronics for downhole application that operates to 150 °C (300 °F) and are developing electronics operating at 225 °C (440 °F).

Strategic Alliances

Rheonics counts some of the largest oil & gas, food, and petrochemical companies as customers to whom they provide fluid sensing solutions based on patented viscosity and density measurement platforms.

Rheonics maintains close ties with the ETH Zurich, where they collaborate with a team of experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, and fluid-structure interactions. Production and assembly of Rheonics products is carried out by a strategic partner, a Switzerland based ISO 9001 certified precision engineering firm.

We are growing our market base in US and Europe through collaboration with market leaders in multiple industries. The focus of the company is on further expanding the customer base and capturing leader market share.

Having enjoyed a good reception from the market resulting in strong sales growth and robust pipeline, Rheonics is gearing up to accelerate growth and considers investors as a mechanism to drive that acceleration. We consider this is a highly attractive investment opportunity and are looking for partners who can not only supply financial input but can provide synergies to support our growth.

Diversified markets - Core brand customers

Enabling fluid intelligence for customer applications.
Rheonics sensors enable process monitoring & optimization across multiple industries

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rheonics customers portfolio rheonics customers portfolio rheonics customer portfolio

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