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Publications | February 4, 2021

"Besides the basic four (flow, level, pressure and temperature) sensors used to provide a window into industrial processes, there’s a myriad of other sensing devices that you find in everyday products. If your food or beverage operation isn’t making widespread use of sensors to monitor your process, you can’t expect to remain competitive for long."

Publications | February 24, 2021

Shell has deployed the Rheonics DVM to get the density and viscosity data under harsh, aggressive conditions. Such essential transport data is necessary to be able to evaluate the DME/DEW injection potential for various applications, from EOR/IOR to near wellbore stimulation. A paper was published for presentation at the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Improved Oil Recovery Conference.

Applications, Case Studies | September 17, 2019

"We have found that working with the cup is not only outdated, but actually counterproductive. After a few months we stopped converting to cup seconds altogether."

Publications | November 6, 2020

To ensure consistent high-quality coating, the change in paint viscosity through-out the process stream is monitored in real time, making viscosity adjustments as required.

Publications | December 1, 2020

"Consistency of the batter for fried chicken is all important to maintain quality, and in-line viscosity monitoring and control can get it right all the time, as opposed to waiting for grab-sample results from the lab, which will never be the same as what's in the pipe."

Applications | May 25, 2020

When evaluating the Rheonics SRV for a particular inline measurement, it is essential to operate the SRV under actual process conditions. The SRV must be placed in a process line in which the product is flowing, and the viscosity and temperature recorded during operation of the process line.

Applications | November 8, 2019

Getting the viscosity of the fluid/sand mix to the right point is critical to ensure that the important function of fracturing fluid to carry and transport proppants into the fracture is achieved.



Guide to complying with FDA requirements for Calibration when using Rheonics Sensors in FDA approved facility
Applications, Features and Updates

States Foods and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) is a federal agency of the Department…

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Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine: Toward Zero Automotive Paint Quality Issues With Real-Time Viscosity Monitoring and Control
Publication reports

Through all the advancement in automotive design and manufacturing over the years, there has been…

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Food Engineering Magazine: Inline viscosity sensing provides better batter control
Publication reports

Coupled with Industry 4.0 technology, inline sensing means no more rushing grab-samples to the lab,…

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PCI (Paint & Coatings Industry) Magazine features Rheonics’ SRV and PaintTrack system – “Towards Zero Automotive Paint Quality Issues”
News and Events, Publications, Applications

Paint & Coatings industry focused magazine - PCI publishes a feature article covering the Rheonics…

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What are gelation and curing; pot life, cure & gel time, working life: how is viscosity important?
Science, Applications

Gelation/gel-transition is the formation of a gel from a system with polymers. Branched polymers can form links…

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What are emulsions : examples, features, preparation & measurement
Science, Applications

Emulsions are dispersions of two immiscible liquids. They are of interest in many important practical…

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Rheonics is now member of Investment Casting Institute
News and Events, Publications, Applications

We are pleased to inform you that we are now members of the Investment Casting Institute!…

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Non-Newtonian fluid viscosity measurement with inline viscometer SRV
Applications, Science, Product in-depth

Many, if not most, fluids exhibit non-Newtonian behavior. A fluid is said to be non-Newtonian…

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Getting Frac Fluid Rheology Right!

Hydraulic fracturing (also called as fracking, fracing, hydrofracturing) involves high-pressure injection of ‘fracing fluid’ (primarily…

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Rheonics InkSight Viscosity Control: The way to stay on color
Applications, Product in-depth

Robust, maintenance free viscosity sensor eliminates need for re-calibration Agile viscosity controller reduces viscosity variation…

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ATEX – IECEx Certification
News and Events, Features and Updates

Rheonics is pleased to announce the release of its ATEX & IECEx certifications. The new certifications project…

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Solutions for automotive painting and coating quality control and optimization

Automotive companies and coaters recognize the need to monitor viscosity, but making that measurement outside…

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Society of Petroleum Engineers – Journal of Petroleum Technology (SPE-JPT) features Rheonics’ DVM, DVP and SRV

The Journal of Petroleum Technology, the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ flagship magazine, presents authoritative briefs and features…

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