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Applications, Case Studies | September 17, 2019

"We have found that working with the cup is not only outdated, but actually counterproductive. After a few months we stopped converting to cup seconds altogether."

Applications | November 8, 2019

Getting the viscosity of the fluid/sand mix to the right point is critical to ensure that the important function of fracturing fluid to carry and transport proppants into the fracture is achieved.

Applications | June 13, 2019

To ensure consistent high-quality coating, the change in paint viscosity through-out the process stream is monitored in real time, making viscosity adjustments as required.



Getting Frac Fluid Rheology Right!

Hydraulic fracturing (also called as fracking, fracing, hydrofracturing) involves high-pressure injection of ‘fracing fluid’ (primarily…

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Rheonics InkSight Viscosity Control: The way to stay on color
Applications, Product in-depth

Robust, maintenance free viscosity sensor eliminates need for re-calibration Agile viscosity controller reduces viscosity variation…

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ATEX – IECEx Certification
News and Events, Features and Updates

Rheonics is pleased to announce the release of its ATEX & IECEx certifications. The new certifications project…

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Solutions for automotive painting and coating quality control and optimization

Automotive companies and coaters recognize the need to monitor viscosity, but making that measurement outside…

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