HPHT Testing of Instruments

Downhole in situ
Density & Viscosity sensor

DV sensors are used for simultaneous downhole hydrocarbon density & viscosity measurement

DV sensor family operates under extremely harsh environments, operating at 30,000 psi and 500F (with in situ electronics) and highly corrosive environments.
DV sensors are used in LWD (Logging while drilling) Fluid sampling and Analysis tool for downhole oil viscosity and density measurement during drilling operation.
The DV series is a small form-factor sensor that can be incorporated in other tools & modules where performance is key and space is at premium.

Downhole LWD density & viscosity module for in-line operation to 30K psi and 500F

PVT inline Density & Viscosity instrument

Inline module for use in PVT and other HPHT applications to measure density & viscosity

Simultaneous measurement of density and viscosity.
Same fluid, simultaneous but separate measurements.
Fast measurements: density & viscosity within 1.5 second.
No need to change any component or parameter to measure across full range.

PVT inline density & vicosity module for operation to 30K psi and 500F

Marine fuel viscosity & density monitoring

HFO viscosity & density monitoring with an ultra-reliable sensor

An ultra-reliable, small form-factor, 200°C operational, viscosity and density sensor for marine fuel monitoring, transfer and control.

DVP brings density and viscosity to your HFO conditioning systems.
Built on its drilling heritage you have an extremely robust instrument that will survive in the roughest of environments.
A sensor without competition in the world of marine fuel conditioning

DVP wide-range viscometer for marine fuel monitoring and control

SRV performs better than traditional marine fuel viscometer covering a wider range of viscosities, in a smaller, more reliable and robust package.

SRV wide-range viscometer for marine fuel monitoring and control

Slurry process
& quality monitoring

Monitor non-newtonian fluids through the complete process cycle

Finally! Slurry monitoring using large range sensor with repeatable measurements in non-newtonian fluids

SRV wide-range viscometer for slurry process and quality control

Coating & Ink quality control

A sensor at ease in a printer or in a tank to control paint & coating viscosity

Viscosity of the ink and coating is an important parameter that controls the thickness and adherence of the coating to the surface plus assures the quality & lifetime of the coat. SRV is a wide range viscometer that is small enough to install inside the printer tank/pipe for in situ monitoring and control of ink, paint and coating material viscosity

SRV wide-range viscometer for coating monitoring and control

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