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World's leading experts in Fluid Sensing

Rheonics brings together a team of experts from the leading universities and global companies to build cutting edge fluid process monitoring instruments. Rheonics is advised by an advisory board made of leaders from the industrial automation & process industry.


Rheonics’ products are already used in a broad range of markets from food processing to downhole oil & gas exploration and production by core brand customers like Shell, BASF, Baker Hughes, Nestle, Sulzer and Buhler. We are growing our markets through a combination of innovative technology, robust products and focus on ease of use. We believe the fluid sensing market for density and viscosity is on the cusp of revolution through the introduction of stable, reliable, robust, plug-and-play instruments.

Rheonics solutions are backed by more than 30 years of research from ETH Zurich, one of world’s top 10 universities. With more than 200 years collective experience, it brings together seasoned experts in the fields of mechanics, electronics, and fluid dynamics whose mission is to build customer-driven application-specific fluid sensing solutions. The founders of the company are Dr. Sunil Kumar, CEO; Professor Jürg Dual, Professor at the Institute of Mechanical Systems at ETH; Professor emeritus Mahir Sayir, ex-head of IMES at ETH; Dr. Joe Goodbread, Chief Technology Officer and inventor of numerous innovative fluid sensing systems, Dr. Klaus Haeusler, who has developed a wide range of novel fluid solutions for medical, food and polymer applications. We produce robust and reliable solutions based on a foundation of time- and field tested technologies, backed by a broad & expanding portfolio of intellectual property.

Prior to the founding of the company, the core group has been active in sensor research and design at ETH Zurich since the early 1980’s, when Joe Goodbread with Juerg Dual and Mahir Sayir designed and patented their first vibrational viscometer. The group subsequently invented and patented their “Gated phase-locked loop” technology and developed an inline process viscometer which is marketed as one of the most commercially successful process viscometer finding wide acceptance for process monitoring and control in food, chemicals, coatings, & printing.
The Rheonics Advantage
Rheonics is rapidly providing application-specific fluid sensing solutions for a wide variety of measurement challenges in the most demanding and aggressive environments. Clients can select from standard solutions based on our established technologies, or partner to develop bespoke solutions. We also have expertise in high temperature electronics enabling co-location of the electronics and sensing element in the same environment. We have built electronics for downhole application that operates to 150 °C (300 °F) and are developing electronics operating at 225 °C (440 °F).
Strategic Alliances
Rheonics count some of the largest oil & gas, food, and petrochemical companies as customers to whom they provide fluid sensing solutions based on patented viscosity and density measurement platforms. Rheonics maintain close ties with the ETH Zurich and ZHAW, where they collaborate with a team of experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, and fluid-structure interactions. Production and assembly of Rheonics products is carried out by strategic partners, all based in Switzerland with ISO 9001 certification. We are growing our market base globally through collaboration with market leaders in multiple industries and appointing key solution partners in those regions.

Dr. Sunil Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Sunil has extensive experience in the sensors and energy sector, having worked in a variety of roles in engineering and research in his early career. Most recently Sunil worked at Baker Hughes where he headed global engineering for Drilling Services. Sunil founded companies that successfully commercialized innovative products. He graduated with Bachelors in Aerospace from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Masters in Mechanical engineering from University of California, Irvine and Ph.D in Electrical engineering from Imperial College, London where he developed the Seis-SP seismometer that is part of the main payload for the NASA Insight mission to Mars (2018). He is a prolific inventor with over 30 patents and multiple peer reviewed papers.

Sunil’s vision of creating sensors for fluid property measurement that revolutionizes in-line process monitoring, control and optimization serves as the charter for rheonics. He holds overall responsibility for the business performance including the strategic direction and culture of the company.


Dr. Joe Goodbread

Chief Technical Officer

Joe is a founding member of the team that developed Rheonics’ core technologies over the past 30 years. He established and directed the Experimental Mechanics Laboratory at the Institute for Mechanics, ETH Zurich. He has developed substantial IP in the field of fluid properties sensors with 10 granted patents and multiple pending. He has a BSE in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Science from Princeton University, a MS in Biomechanics from Stanford University, and a Dr. Techn. Sc. from the ETH Zurich in Biomechanics. Early in his career, Joe worked with SRI (Stanford Research Institute, then) and thereafter headed the IMES labs at ETH Zurich. Joe is also a trained psychotherapist and a founder of the Institute of Process Work. He is an author of 4 books on the subject.

Joe’s extensive research and engineering skills form the technical core of the rheonics’ products and services. His passion for innovation and tackling impossible challenges are creating industry leading products.


Dr. Klaus Hausler

Resident Sensor Physicist

Klaus is co-founder of Rheonics and an inventor of multiple fluid sensing devices for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. Klaus has over 35 years of experience developing sensors for process and biological applications. He has invented viscosity and density solutions for applications ranging from DNA PCR to food processes that form the basis for his multiple patents and papers published in international peer reviewed journals.

Klaus started his career in the watch industry and oversaw the quality control at Rolex in Biel, Switzerland subsequently moving to IBM in USA working on the next generation computing. He has a diploma in Watch engineering from Technikum Biel, a Diploma in Micro-Mechanical Engineering from University of Neuchatel followed by a in Viscoelasticity from Institute of Mechanics at ETH Zurich. His passion for simple design and robust engineering forms the basis for rheonics products.


Dr. Vijoya Sa

Chief Operations Officer

Vijoya is responsible for the day-to-day administrative management and operational functions at Rheonics. She graduated with Masters in Polymer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering from Clemson University where she developed CNT loaded polymeric composites for bio-medical applications. Prior to joining Rheonics, she was a Material Scientist at Baker Hughes leading development of polymeric materials for use in harsh environments.


Dr. Patrick Vogler

Electronics Engineer

Patrick leads the electronics team at Rheonics. He graduated with a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich, where he worked on instrumentation for ground-based gamma ray astronomy. Patrick worked at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland in the group which built the pixel detector for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).


Maybemar Hernandez

Software Engineering Manager

Maybemar leads the Software Engineering team at Rheonics. She graduated as Physicist from the Central University of Venezuela with specialization in Instrumentation and Control and has a Master Degree in Electronics Engineering from the Simón Bolivar’s University in Caracas. Before joining Rheonics, she worked as educator and researcher at the Simon Bolivar University. She has experience in development of security systems and systems for control and monitoring of advanced navigation and guidance modules.


Prof. Jürg Dual

Institute of Mechanical Systems, ETH Zurich

Prof. Dual has been Full Professor of Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics in the Center of Mechanics of the Institute of Mechanical Systems at the ETH Zurich since 1998. He was President of the Planning Commission of ETH Zurich from 2000-2004, and of the University Assembly from 2008-2012.

Jürg studied mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich. He then spent two years on a Fulbright grant at the University of California in Berkeley, where he graduated with a M.S. and a M. Eng. degree in mechanical engineering followed by a Dr. sc. techn. degree at the ETH Zurich. He is a Fellow of the ASME, member of the SATW (Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences) and Honorary Member of the German Association for Materials Research and Testing. Jürg is a co-founder of Rheonics and inventor of multiple technology in Rheonics products. He has published extensively on viscometry and chaired work groups & conferences.



Prof. Mahir Sayir

Professor Emeritus since 2005, ETH Zurich

Prof. Sayir was Full Professor of Mechanics and head of the Center for Mechanics at ETH Zurich beginning in October 1976. He retired end of March 2005. He obtained his PhD from the ETH under Prof. Ziegler and was elected assistant professor of mechanics in 1969 and to full Professor in 1976. This was also the year he began supplementing his theoretical research with new experimental projects and when he directed his interests mainly towards applied dynamics. According to his credo, a professor of mechanics should prove his competence in both research and teaching. In 1985 he was “Lady Davis Visiting Professor” at the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and in 1987 he was invited as “Russel Spring Honour Professor” at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of California at Berkeley.

Prof. Sayir is one of the co-founders of rheonics. He is co-inventor on many of rheonics’ patents and a source of strength for the team.

Our Story


Conceptual framework at ETH Zurich


First viscometer patented


Gated PLL technology patented


Process Viscometer developed


Developed HPHT D-V sensor


rheonics incorporated


HPHT Viscosity and Density Sensor for Oil and Gas (DVM)


Inline process Density & Viscosity Sensor (DVP)


Inline process Viscometer (SRV)


Inline process Density and Viscosity Meter (SRD)


RHDV for downhole standalone integration with 150°C electronics


Rheonics Process Monitoring Solution introduced


Rheonics InkSight Printing ColorLock solution introduced

Big Business Expertise, Startup Mindset

We’re building a business that is good for profits and good for the planet, one that help companies save time, energy, and money.

rheonics is poised for the future.

Building the future of density and viscosity sensing

We produce robust and reliable solutions based on a foundation of time- and field tested technologies, backed by a broad & expanding portfolio of intellectual property. Our current palette of products includes a series of process density & viscosity instruments.

Our Vision

Fluid intelligence leads to better utilization of resources

We envision a world of material transformation that uses materials and energy in the most efficient way to deliver sustainable processes.


Our Mission

To build the team’s extensive technical expertise in fluid sensing into commercial products that our customers can use to control and optimize their processes: increasing efficiency, margins and sustainability.

Measure. Control. Optimize. Monetize.