We put viscosity and density at your fingertips

Rheonics: rock-solid, intelligent, plug and play process monitoring solutions

On the bench or in the field - our density meters and viscometers give you robust, repeatable measurements in your most demanding applications.

Rheonics DVP Density-Viscosity probe, Rheonics SRV wide range inline process viscometer, Rheonics DVM HPHT 30Kpsi 500F PVT density meter and viscometer module

Diversified markets - Core brand customers

Enabling fluid intelligence for customer applications

Our sensors enable process monitoring & optimization across multiple industries - whether your application needs downhole, harsh environment density & viscosity or robust control of non-newtonian processes - we have a product that fits your needs

rheonics customers portfolio rheonics customers portfolio rheonics customers portfolio rheonics customers portfolio
rheonics customers portfolio rheonics customers portfolio rheonics customer portfolio rheonics customer portfolio

More than the sum of our products

Behind our products stand a team of sensor experts with over 30 years of experience building innovative fluid sensing technology.

A spinoff of the ETH Zurich, today's rheonics was born from an impossible challenge: build a viscosity-density sensor to operate under downhole conditions and deliver high accuracy measurement in under 2 seconds... all of this in a package of less than 2 cubic cm in volume. The result: Rheonics DV family of density-viscosity sensors ready to go to work to solve your toughest problems.

Technopark ETH Spin-off

International Innovation meets Swiss Precision

Based on a large and growing portfolio of intellectual property and manufactured in Switzerland.

Our solid foundation of technology and products is your assurance of stable and sustainable solutions for your process needs.

swiss precision manufacturing

Designing fluid sensing solutions — together.

Start with one of our standard products, if your business proposition is strong enough we will work with you to develop a custom solution that gives you the data you need to optimize and control your process. All the way from the hardware to the cloud.

Explore APPLICATIONS for our systems

rheonics product ecosystem

Data-driven process optimization

Process optimization begins with smart analysis of high-quality data. Our sensors supply the data. But that's just the beginning. We'll work with you to collect, analyze, process and even store the data you need to put you in control of your process.

data driven process control & optimization

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